The website has changed its use purpose after being bought and transformed into an information, knowledge and question-answering website, no longer belonging to an educational organization.

Introduction to website

The website has become an important and reliable source of information, knowledge, and answers to questions for everyone. Previously, it was built as a website of an educational organization, but now it has changed its use purpose to serve everyone with significant benefits.

Change of use purpose of the website

Educational organization and the website

Before the change of use purpose, the website was designed and operated by an educational organization. It served as a media platform and resource for students, teachers, and parents in the process of teaching and learning.

New use purpose of the website

However, in order to meet the increasing demand of people in searching for information and answering questions, the website decided to change its use purpose. Currently, this website has become a reliable source of information, knowledge, and answers to any questions people may have.

Features and benefits of the new website

Information and knowledge

The website now contains a lot of useful information and knowledge in many different fields. Anyone can access and find valuable materials, articles, lectures, and resources from this website. From basic knowledge to in-depth information, the website provides a rich source of information for people to grasp and learn.

Answering questions

One of the important features of the new website is the ability to answer questions. People can ask questions and receive answers from experts or other community members. This creates a knowledge-sharing environment and helps people effectively solve their concerns.

The importance of changing the use purpose

The change of use purpose of the website is of great importance to the community. It provides a free and accessible resource for people to access information and knowledge. This can support the process of learning, researching, and solving problems that people are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions about the website

1: FAQ 1

Question: How to search for information on the website?

Answer: You can use the search bar on the website to search for information by keyword or category.

2: FAQ 2

Question: How to ask a question and receive an answer from the community?

Answer: You can post your question in the “Ask a Question” section on the website and wait for answers from other members.

3: FAQ 3

Question: Is the website free to use?

Answer: The website is free and open to everyone to use.

4: FAQ 4

Question: Who provides information and answers on the website?

Answer: Information and answers are provided by experts in the corresponding fields and other community users.